library of concepts

a compilation of models

About the Writer

My name is Jakob Possert. I am a thinker and come up with models to explain my world. They are very concrete and brought into the conscious part of my thinking.

Given their relatively elaborate nature and the importance that I attach to them, the time I spend pondering them, I think that they could also be relevant and maybe helpful for other people. That is the main intention of this blog.


I hope there has been, is or maybe sometime in the future even will be something on this blog which made you think and/or which you liked. In this case, or in any other, I would be delighted to hear from you!

Contact & Links:

Janijobe-30 - EditedMain Website

Twitter: @JPossert

Education Blog: 
Reading Log:       
Model Compilation:
Global Challenges:

Global Citizen:    


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